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Strong, versatile and cost effective

Torbo’s line of products were developed to effectively do any cleaning/blasting job. We have products for large industrial jobs as well as delicate preservation projects.
The “big boys” of the Torbo product family were designed for heavy commercial and industrial work, where high production rates are required.

The tank capacities run from 7 cu.ft. to 19 cu.ft. (200 to 540 ltrs.), with larger sizes available as custom designs. Trailer mounted models are custom designed to meet customer specific needs i.e., compressors, water tanks, work boxes, hose winches, goose neck, bumper pull, etc. These units will handle all kinds of commercial and industrial applications i.e., removal of concrete or paint by the layer, removal of rust, simple cleaning, taking metal to any degree of blast cleanliness, etc. Torbo is the choice of many coatings manufactures for pretreatment of the surfaces to be coated.

Have a look at the advantages:

  • High coverage
  • Consumption of blasting media reduced by 60%
  • Very low consumption of water
  • Multiple use of blasting media is possible
  • Minimized or no containment required
  • Dry blasting media not required (saves storage costs)
  • Long service life of all parts subject to wear
  • Adjustment possibilities for every job scenario
  • Rust inhibitor injection available
  • Can blast up to 800 ft. in height
  • Lead Abatement
  • Asbestos Abatement

Some Extra Info

How it Works

Let us break down how our technology provides the most efficient means of removal

Ships & Marine

If you have a small ship or a huge tanker our machines…


When you need to clean concrete, brick or steel Torbo can help