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Soft & Clean Applications

Gentle, yet thorough….

Various surfaces require different forms of treatment, but the limited number of applications can be a problem with most abrasive blasting systems. Persistent stains and deposits on sensitive surfaces can be extremely aggravating.

Field experience has shown all of us that the utmost caution is necessary when working with monuments disfigured by graffiti, as well as the historical buildings ravaged by time.

With Torbo, it is guaranteed that you avoid the risk of damaging these sensitive substrates. Our patented wet abrasive blasting technology, with specifically developed metering valves, allows an individual adjustment to the surface – and this means safety as well as peace of mind.

Torbo’s revolutionary concept ensures a significant economic savings as well. Not only can the consumption of blasting media be reduced by 60%, but also the consumption of water per area-unit drops considerably.

Another benefit is a 95% dust reduction when using Torbo wet abrasive blasting systems. This allows minimized or no containment, and no dust collectors or negative pressure. There is also no need for air supplied hoods, which pleases the employee, as well as public perception of the work being performed.

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How it Works

Let us break down how our technology provides the most efficient means of removal

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If you have a small ship or a huge tanker our machines…


When you need to clean concrete, brick or steel Torbo can help