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Powerful, but controllable

The Torbo blasting system allows full flexibility to accommodate changes in the surface being cleaned/blasted. In contrast to other blasting procedures, Torbo is adjustable at will, which allows the operator to go from heavy blasting to gentle cleaning as the surface dictates.

The Torbo system handles industrial maintenance applications; such as cleaning or removing layers of concrete, removal of paint by layers, total coating removal to a specified degree of cleanliness (white metal etc.) or removal of oxidized layers from steel with ease. The Torbo system is also very effective in sensitive applications such as the petrochemical industry, where sparks or static electricity are prohibitive (by coating each particle of the blast medium with water, the system effectively eliminates this concern).

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How it Works

Let us break down how our technology provides the most efficient means of removal

Ships & Marine

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When you need to clean concrete, brick or steel Torbo can help