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About Us

Unique and Unequaled

The Torbo wet abrasive blasting system distinguishes itself by its universal application possibilities and excellent cost savings.

The performance advantages of the Torbo have served the industry well over the years. We at Keizer Technologies Americas pride ourselves in being large enough to service all our customer needs while maintaining a one-on-one relationship.

In today’s times, individuality is more the exception than the rule. Therefore, it has been our goal to develop advanced technology our own way – the right way.

The Keizer Technologies team will continue to service the U.S. Surface Preparation market with the blasting system considered to be the epitome for modern technology, Torbo.

Customer Focus

Test Yourself

As a professional cleaner or renovator you need to be sure that you can remove every contamination without damaging the actual surface no matter how sensitive it may be. And naturally you need a flexible system that you can use to treat any kind of surface and that is easy to operate.

And if in addition to that, you also expect high economic efficiency, low material requirements and long service life, then you should speak to us. We will be happy to demonstrate our torbo systems in action (on-site if required) so that you can convince yourselves of the efficiency of our systems.

Some Extra Info

How it Works

Let us break down how our technology provides the most efficient means of removal

Ships & Marine

If you have a small ship or a huge tanker our machines…


When you need to clean concrete, brick or steel Torbo can help